SEAL Team 6 Operations

Known for having piloted numerous manhunt missions (or targeted assassinations), the unit was brought to light by the tracking down the terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Focus on a very secret unit whose methods sometimes experience some...

Special Forces: The secrets of the 13th RDP

An Army regiment, the 13th Parachute Dragoons Regiment is one of those regiments with a particular history and operation. Never heard of them? Or on the contrary, do you dream of wearing their beret? Focus...

Military Training: How to Prepare

Preparing to become a soldier or just keeping fit when you are a soldier is not easy. Explanations of the different important points to build your next fitness program!

Special Forces on Video

The FS have become the goal of many young people. Having become very prestigious in the eyes of all, it is a question of not forgetting the level of their members.

21 tips to develop mental strength

The Military are known for their ability to defy the odds. Find out how soldiers can prepare for extreme situations.

Private Military & Contractor: Who are they?

Private Military Companies ( SMP), or Private Military Company (PMC) act for the benefit of companies, NGOs, or government, for security and/or defense services. But who really are these men of whom we know nothing?

Special Forces: The Myth & The Reality

Hasn't the commando myth grown too much? "There have always been fashions in the Army. Today, the special forces are in fashion"

Do-It-Yourself Military Training

We have put together for you the main components of a good military training to do at home.
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Military Training Bodybuilding

If your goal is to get better, gain strength and stamina, and you think you're ready to train hard on a daily basis, then these military workouts are for you. Indeed, the harder you train,...