Survival: The Complete Guide

Will war come to France ?

Six months ago, Russia launched a war against Ukraine. Once again, the political map of Europe is being transformed by "blood and iron". The consequences for France are, of course, profound. Many facets of its foreign policy now seem obsolete. Faced with these major changes, “democracies versus authoritarians” The dichotomy is not very relevant. At the same time, the battle is not lost in advance. It remains uncertain whether China, and even more so Russia, can turn the Global South's implied “declaration of independence” into tangible geopolitical advantages. It's up to the West - starting with the Europeans, including the French - to keep their cool and play the long term.


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Survival scenario

Where to go in case of collapse?

With the Antarctic Treaty banning the detonation of nuclear weapons, Antarctica could be the safest place in the event of a nuclear war. It is also very far from any major target.


How to survive in nature?

Take shelter from wind and rain to avoid hypothermia, which can be fatal. Purify water, preferably from a running, clear water source. Practice fire safety to avoid causing a brush fire or unintended flames.

How do you ensure your safety in times of war?

Take all your valuables, money, food and water and store them safely. Hide valuables so they won't be stolen even if your house is searched. If you can, get out there and get as many supplies as you can. Don't delay, because it could all be gone by the time you need it.

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