Choose the right training program

Si vous aspirez à vous entraîner comme un militaire, il est crucial de choisir le bon programme d'entraînement adapté à vos objectifs.

Renforcer votre endurance, améliorer votre force ou développer vos compétences en matière de survie, un plan d'entraînement bien conçu vous permettra d'atteindre des résultats concrets.

Training is essential to develop optimal physical condition and achieve the performance you set for yourself.

If you aspire to train like a military man, choosing the right training program for your goals is crucial.

Build up your endurance, improve your strength or develop your survival skills, a well-designed training plan will allow you to achieve real results.

Your preparation for...

… To be valedictorian.

Inspired by the training methods of the most seasoned soldiers in the world, this military training method will help you withstand the shock, even with the fatigue and exhaustion of your daily life / job.

"GET FIT OR DIE" is the simplest yet most effective program we have developed. 180 days of complete workouts using our 5 phase method using only your own body weight.

...Be mentally strong.

Are you having difficulty motivating yourself? Your mind is that of a person who undergoes the slightest action? Do you ever feel distraught when faced with an obstacle that seems insurmountable?

Whatever your goal, mental preparation is an integral part of everything you do. Without desire, without will, you will go nowhere.

... Learn to defend yourself.

Like us, you realized that it was becoming urgent to be able to protect yourself. The events, the violent videos to which we are exposed. It shows us how dangerous the world we live in can be.

If you are sufficiently motivated and ready to prepare yourself physically and mentally, then this program is for you.

...Be more enduring.

We have all gotten tired of training. You may be among those who do not have access to a gym, to equipment. Is this a reason to drop your preparation?

No !

On the program: 4 sessions per week for 7 weeks, single sessions, no equipment is required, guaranteed results at the end of the program: more push-ups, pull-ups, abs, better endurance. a better swimmer.

This step-by-step program unfolds the method that will allow you to go from a bad swimmer who splashes in the water, to a complete swimmer.

Ideal for preparing for military tests, this program is also useful for varying your routine and sharpening your physique. a better shooter.

Philippe PEROTTI, a former member of the French special forces, has developed expertise in shooting instruction.

Since leaving the army, he has trained specialized groups of European armies, published 15 books and created more than 100 concepts which have been used to develop the methods of fire of many administrations.

His concept "Being Safe, Skillful and Adroit" contributed to the development of the TCM and the ISTC, in use in the French army. This concept can be transposed to sports or recreational shooting.

What is a good military preparation?