Train like a French Army soldier

Entraîne toi comme un soldat de l'Armée Française - Phil Team

This bodyweight workout resembles the methodology of a normal army physical workout, but is tied in with advanced conditioning tactics to not only burn calories, but also engage your muscles appropriately. energy systems to improve your adaptability and general stamina.

Active warm-up

The key to an active warm-up is to focus on taking a deep breath in through your nose and a steady out-breath through your mouth. Never stop breathing, and stay in motion to mobilize your whole body.

Right Side Lunges + Left Side Lunges + Push Up

6 repetitions in total.

Curtsy to lateral lunges

5 repetitions on each side.

Hand-released pumps

10 repetitions.

Side Lunge + Sprawl Push-up

10 repetitions.


The purpose of these conditioning exercises is to develop explosive muscle fiber endurance. This is your chance to train to improve your body's ability to recover from high-intensity exercise, increase your endurance, and promote regeneration without feeling fatigued.

The key is to put maximum effort into the movements while focusing on controlling the breath and reducing the heart rate.

4 rounds of:

Sprint (8sec)

Stair Steppers (60 sec)

4 rounds of:

Broad Jump x5

Stair Steppers (60 sec)

4 rounds of:

Sprawl + Sprint (8 sec)

Stair Steppers (60 sec)

2 min rest

Muscular endurance

3 rounds of:

Pull-ups, Max reps

Knee-to-elbows, Max reps

2 min rest

3 rounds of:

Max strict push-ups

Max reps push-ups on one leg - alternate

Return to calm

3-5 minutes of low-level cardio to bring your heart rate down. Foam roller, stretch.

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