Interview #1: GEO

Interview #1 : GEO - Phil Team

Following the requests received, we have set up interviews with soldiers/legionnaires/gendarmes/active or retired police officers.

The primary objective is to guide those who are still reluctant to become a soldier, and to answer their questions.

We are proud to present to you the first interview of a former soldier who agreed to answer our questions. In accordance with his wishes, we will respect his anonymity and therefore call him GEO.


- Hello GEO, introduce yourself quickly: age, school background, passions:

I am 23 years old and my school curriculum is quite ordinary. I went to college after graduating. I like to read and play sports.

- Why did you become a soldier?

It was a childhood dream. From a very young age, I had this goal in mind. And then, family tradition obliges, I felt obliged to perpetuate the custom.

- You left the army today. Why this choice ?

I wanted to change regiments. I'm still young, that's why I preferred to stop now.

- Which regiment were you part of? Why did you choose it?

I was at the 3rd RPIMA. It's a very tough regiment, which requires a lot of investment, but I chose it because it's an experienced regiment.

- What did you find most difficult during the selection/recruitment process?

Honestly, I struggled with line authority sometimes. She didn't seem equal to everyone.

- What impressed you the most?

The rigor that must be demonstrated. It is the base of everything.

- Your best memory as a soldier?

Friends and classes (laughs), these are memories that are engraved forever.

- What advice would you give to a young person who wants to become a soldier?

We must at all costs avoid having any illusions about what the military profession is. With the reports, the advertisements of the army itself, it is important to make your own vision of the thing during the classes and in the barracks.

- Would you like to add something?

Yes. It's an experience to live I think. Some will find it great, and for others it will be disillusionment: level of requirement, distance from loved ones, etc. But basically, we leave the institution with exciting things.


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