Space Force: Who are these space soldiers?

Force Spatiale : Qui sont ces soldats de l’espace ? - PhilTeam

The space force is a branch of the military that conducts space warfare and space operations . Relatively mysterious in everyone's eyes, the command of French space remains a rather obscure environment of which we know very little to date.

What are the missions of the Space Forces ? Compared to other world powers, is France behind?

In France, the Space Command (CDE) depends on the Chief of Staff of the Air Force created on September 8 , 2019 . Its goal is to be able to have an operational space defense, and to have its own strategy.

While Russia previously had the Russian Space Forces as an independent service arm, although they are now a subset of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

In 1992, the first Russian Space Forces were established as an independent service body (but not a military branch) within the Russian Armed Forces. In 1997 it was merged into the Strategic Missile Forces , but this move put the military space at a huge disadvantage, and in 2001 it was re-established as an independent service arm.

In 2011 it became the core of the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces , which merged Russia's space and air defense forces into a single service. In 2015, the Russian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces merged to form the Russian Aerospace Forces.

United States military space development began with the Air Force in 1945, and most of its space forces were organized within the United States Air Force, which became the Executive Agent for Space in 1962.

Operational command for space operations is centralized within United States Space Command , which existed from 1985 to 2002 and was reestablished in August 2019. In December 2019, the United States Congress authorized the creation of the United States Space Force. United States, which was officially established on December 20, 2019. This new service branch was created by defining Air Force Space Command as the United States Space Force and elevating them to a service branch independent.


Following the creation of these various military space forces, here are the missions assigned to them: development of military space policy , implementation of measures contributing to the preservation of freedom of access and use of space outer space.

They are also responsible, within their area of ​​competence, for the application of the policy defined by the Air Force staff in terms of risk management.


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