How to Become a Military?

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Which path to follow to become a soldier

The Conditions to be Respected

    You must be of French nationality, at least 17 years old, maximum 29 years old for the Army and the Navy, 25 years old for the Air Force.

    You must have completed your JAPD (defence preparation call day) or JDC (defence and citizenship day).

    You will be subjected to written tests (psychological tests, French, etc.), sports tests (Luc Léger, mobility course, etc.), as well as an extensive medical examination.

    If you are selected, you can sign a contract for a period varying from 3 to 5.8 years.

    You should also know that to join the Army in general, no diploma is required.

    Military Salary:

      It is difficult to establish a precise scale because it varies almost on a case-by-case basis. On average, a soldier earns €35,000 gross per year. Once again this fluctuates according to your rank, your seniority, your skills (for example the parachutist patent confers on its holder the right to a bonus).

      For example, a young soldier, non-commissioned member, ie the least advanced rank, will receive 1200 € net per month, being fed and housed.

      Advantage and Disadvantage of the Military Profession:

        The profession of combat soldier offers many advantages. It is possible for you to evolve quickly and sometimes more easily than in civilian life. You will also have the opportunity to meet many people while working as a team. This job allows you to go abroad, although the destinations are not always very exotic, it remains a unique experience.

        However, certain aspects of the job can prove to be disadvantages for some: leaving on a mission overnight imposes a particular rhythm on your family. The missions (type OPEX - external operation) are spread over several months, which can again force you and your loved ones to experience remoteness badly. Finally, the job of a soldier being to protect populations and defend France, you will have to put your life in danger.

        Why Become a Military?

          Having had the honor of serving France successively through the Gendarmerie and the Army, I can only encourage you to follow this path. These institutions offer multiple opportunities, allowing you to acquire skills that are often unique. You will also meet passionate people there, who will be able to pull you up and help you achieve your goals. Values ​​that seem essential to me for civilian life will also be instilled in you, such as respect, rigor and perseverance.

          How to Prepare to Become a Military?

            Contrary to many popular beliefs, it is not enough for you to be athletic to join the army. You will also be expected to know how to use your head.

            However, in order to prepare you as well as possible, I make your life easier with the programs that I have written. Adaptable according to your level and the equipment you have, they will allow you to achieve your goals.

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            • Bruno on

              Oui, je suis d’abord fils d’un ancien Commando Zaïrois, un commando désertée. En tout cas, l’armée est un bon métier au Monde, tu vois que même au ciel, les militaires y sont

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