How to Survive a Civil War: The Complete Guide

Comment survivre à une guerre civile : Le Guide Complet - Phil Team

Civil War Survival Kit

Looking at the events of the past few months and anticipating what might happen in the future, some worry that we might be approaching what can only be described as a civil war.

The wars that took place on our territory are multiple: French Revolution, Second World War...etc. Each of them has, in its own way, shaped the France in which we live today.

Thus, war in general, whether civil or not, has been the subject of several films over the past few generations.


As survivalists , the civil war in France is one of the things that we can consider within the realm of possibility. Especially when we see the climate, the current tensions and the lack of confidence in the institutions.

Survivalists certainly prepare for a loss of the rule of law in emergency situations, immediately perhaps, long term perhaps. And preparing for a civil war has similarities to preparing for any emergency, whether man-made or natural.

These preparations, for which survivalists were once ridiculed, are important steps in staying healthy and as comfortable as possible during an unexpected event. Even if the slow accumulation we are witnessing is not at all unexpected for many.

As survivalists , we can't just silently wear an Ubas shirt and do nothing else. Actions are more important than symbolism.

At Phil Team, we recommend a wide range of specialist supplies for survival, but the simplest supplies are often the most versatile in a life-threatening situation. We hope this simple guide can help you determine which supplies are essential in the event of a civil war on your or our home soil.

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Basic supplies to survive a civil war


Food and medicine are non-negotiable supplies if you need to shelter in place. We learned a lot of those lessons in the not-too-radical example of COVID.

Food supplies can include a variety of non-perishable items, such as rice, beans and legumes, flour, cornmeal, and canned goods.

If you use a food rotation system, you can easily start building up your food supply without worrying about food expiring or spoiling before use.

To do a food rotation , just buy the products you usually buy in large quantities and continue to buy the food on a regular basis.

Use foods according to their date of purchase to prevent spoilage.

Some types of foods, such as pre-packaged freeze-dried meals , have extremely long shelf lives.


Choose freeze-dried foods if your budget allows, and store them in a safe, cool, dry place to save them in case of an emergency.

Survival bags are backpacks, or similar bags, filled with essential supplies that allow you to easily grab them and go if you need to leave your home in an emergency.

The bag should contain food, water, medicine, clothing and personal items, such as prescription drugs or an extra set of eyeglasses. It should contain a 72-hour reserve for each member of your family/group.

To make the bag lighter and easier to carry, opt for high-calorie foods that have a longer shelf life. For example, the two thousand calorie bars can be a lifesaver when you're on the go.

Make sure you have extra ammo in your survival bag if you plan to bring a weapon. Extra 22 caliber ammo is a must if you want to live off the land hunting small game like rabbits and squirrels.

It is also recommended to invest in water filters for each person.


Water Purifier Straws are lightweight, durable and completely portable, making them ideal for your survival bags.

Straws allow you to drink directly from almost any water source without worrying about contaminants, as long as you read and follow the instructions.

Most water purifying straws come with a removable filter that allows you to easily reuse the straw for a long time.

To make the straws last longer in a survival situation, add an extra filter for each purifying straw in each bag. The filters are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry in your backpack, and each one can deliver tens of gallons of clean water. You can also use water purifying straws at home.

Building up your survival bags and emergency gear is an important step in preparing for any emergency, even a civil war in America.

Food, water, medical supplies, and plenty of ammo are the basic supplies you need for a long-term survival situation on your soil.


Add to that the planning and understanding of the situation, and it will be harder than it looks. In our normal world, we have few, if any, reliable sources of information. Now imagine a civil war where misinformation is everywhere.

Anyone with an amateur transmitter can lay traps for anyone trying to glean even a little information about the location, safe locations, and sources of supply.

In some ways, the movies and TV series do a good job of mirroring the reality that will occur, except that their main characters still survive.

One of my favorite books about the reality of war is "The Naked and the Dead" by Norman Mailer. A great read, a dose of reality in a glamorous world.


Now about this civil war

The very definition of a "civil war" is that it is a war aimed at changing the government of a country, a war, by definition, between citizens of the same country.


Soldiers in a civil war lead a harsh and brutal life full of disease, hunger, fighting and other unpleasant things. They operate in this space between civilization and chaos and needed constant replenishment to maintain their effectiveness.

On an individual level, far from politics and rhetoric, civil war is also a war of individual survival. Survival starts with the person, and all the equipment in the world is useless without training.

The equipment and supplies they carry don't make the man. It's the man who makes the man, and it's his courage and determination, and sometimes luck, that are the best survival tools at his disposal.

Whatever list of Civil War equipment and supplies you may read, they are all worthless without the will and knowledge to use them in harsh conditions.


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