6 myths about the army and the military

6 idées reçues sur l’armée et les militaires - PhilTeam

The army and the military are subject to many received ideas. When you don't know this job and you've never had an in-depth discussion with a soldier, it's sometimes difficult to disentangle fact from fiction. Luckily, Military Training is here for you!

In this article, we present 6 myths about the army and the military.

1st received idea: reservists are “sub-military”

This received idea sometimes even comes from the military themselves. Indeed, the soldiers are rather the type to room and do not hesitate to treat the reservists as "intermittent of the spectacle". Beyond the teasing, they obviously know the truth: the reservists follow the same military training as the active ones.

Additionally, they are often sent on missions to protect fellow citizens and have important roles in the military organization as a whole. So the answer is no: reservists are not sub-military.


2nd received idea: being a soldier is reserved for ultra-athletes

To tell you that the military profession is not physical would be to veil the face. Or tell you a lie. On the other hand, to tell you that the competition to become a soldier is reserved for people who have been practicing bodybuilding for 5 years, that would be lying to you too.

The tests to enter the army are difficult. But with the right training, motivation, and determination, anyone is able to properly prepare to take the army tests.

If you want to prepare for specific tests or selections, order the Military Training Pack: 7 weeks of preparation without equipment. Ideal for achieving your goals.


3rd received idea: women in the army do not exist

This is one of the biggest prejudices in the military. Off, that's wrong. Admittedly, women do not represent the majority of the armed forces. But they account for 10% of the soldiers of the French army. This figure makes our army the 4th to have the most women among its ranks.

Ladies, if you want to join the armed forces, you have every chance. No less than men!

4th misconception: the military are always on a mission

It can be both a driving force and a brake for a soldier. The person with a family life does not necessarily want to go on a mission away from their loved ones for several months.

On the contrary, a young person will tend to want to go on a mission abroad to make themselves more useful, discover new countries and receive interesting bonuses. A soldier can leave for a few months a year. He is generally sent on a mission for a minimum of 3 months.

Following a mission, he knows a fairly long period of respite. It all depends on the regiment and the function of the soldier. But no soldier is still on mission.


5th misconception: military training is unsustainable

Military training in the French armed forces is sustained. Nevertheless, it is sustainable for anyone mentally and physically prepared. That's what our programs are for: preparing you for that intense workout.

But the fraternity in the ranks of the army and the motivation to succeed ensure that a soldier passes all the major tests of a military career.

6th received idea: the Sentinel mission is a punishment for a soldier

Is protecting citizens from a potential terrorist attack in public places at risk a disgrace? No. And the military are also very proud to protect their fellow citizens in this kind of operation.

It is therefore not seen as a punishment, but rather as a source of pride for having participated in this program and contributing to everyone's safety.



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