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How to Train Like a Military at Home?

I don't have any equipment but I want to train like a soldier

We don't all have sports equipment available. You are surely not yet a soldier, therefore you do not have access to a course of combat.

And that's perfectly understandable. That's why we've put together for you the main components of a good military training to do at home.

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Young recruits during the obstacle course

Your power, you will develop

A soldier must be powerful. Do not ignore this point. You must have already seen the equipment of the military. Rangers on the feet, bulletproof vest on the back, helmet on the head, weapon around the neck, and sometimes backpack as a bonus!

You can imagine that with this material, they won't stay seated... No. They will have to accomplish their mission , respect deadlines and time barriers, face weather conditions, etc. For them, this is not a game, because stress can be added to all these constraints.

To succeed in retaining all of their capabilities, despite the additional burden they must bear, soldiers must develop their power and their resistance.

To familiarize you with what awaits you if you choose to enlist in the army , we offer various exercises.

Beginner level : in order to familiarize yourself with the weight load that the equipment that any soldier can carry, you can start by choosing a good backpack that will act as a bulletproof vest. This bag, you will ballast it with an intermediate load (5 to 10 kg). The exercise for you will be to walk on more or less steep terrain for 1h30 continuously. It goes without saying, but plan to hydrate yourself. You can do this walk once or twice a week, until you are comfortable.

Intermediate level : same exercise. A good backpack and a rather high load this time (10 kg at least). At the end of your 1 hour 30 walk, you will continue with this complete training:

- Pull-ups (1 x 25)

- Pumps (1 x 30)

- Squats (1x35)

- Abs (1 x 40)

- Jumping Jacks (1 x 45)

Everything will be done as soon as possible. Such training should only be done once or twice a week.

Advanced Level : This time your "ride" will get longer. On the same basis of your 1 hour 30 circuit, we will add two additional difficulties. The first, your turn should be done while trotting. The second ; every half hour, you will perform:

- Push-ups x 20

- Abs x 30

- Squats x 40

For this exercise, since you have to run, remove some weight from your bag, 5 kg will be enough. The objective is to progress, not to get injured prematurely.


soldiers in training

Your mind, you will work

No, you do not have access to the comfort of an air-conditioned gym. But on the ground, until then the soldiers either. In OPEX (external military operation), the soldiers face the weather conditions whatever the mission to be carried out: storm, storm, arctic cold, heat wave...

Do you see where we are coming from? Take advantage of your outdoors to prepare for these often extreme future conditions . Once engaged, you will understand with hindsight that your little childhood forest was very comfortable.

It is thanks to your mind that you will succeed in going through these trials. Your ability to keep fighting , even when everything pushes you back. To work on your mind, we offer you different exercises that you can adapt in complete safety.

In the forest , go for a day and a full night in complete autonomy. Recognize the route upstream or learn how to use a topographic map. If the weather forecast predicts rain, lots of sun or snow, plan what you need in terms of equipment, but don't back down.

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If you have access to the sea or the ocean , forget the swimming pool. The military, when they intervene in the aquatic environment, do not dive into water at 27°. Nevertheless, do not take unnecessary risks, just swim in any season, that will be enough.

For city dwellers and country dwellers, get started with climbing ! Go to a bouldering room, or simply take a little height with tree climbing or via ferrata courses. This kind of activity will work a lot of skills very useful for your future commitment.


Team members of Commando Hubert

Military Training in a nutshell

We are coming to the end of our article. We have covered different aspects of military training to do at home . You have noticed that the field of possibilities is very wide. We have written these different sessions to show you that getting out of your comfort zone is necessary to progress.

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