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Sport : Entraînement Militaire Musculation

How to do military training?

If your goal is to get better, gain strength and stamina, and you think you're ready to train hard on a daily basis, then these military workouts are for you. Indeed, the harder you train, the better a soldier you will be.

We will tell you now, how to train like a military man. Follow each of our tips to complete the military preparation routine.

We have prepared for you a cycle of 4 weeks of training at the rate of three sessions per week. Ready to step up to the front?

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US military training in OPEX on their base

Principles of Military Training

The two components of a good military training are: its hardness, and its effectiveness. This type of preparation should be considered functional. A soldier should not be a beautiful envelope, a fashion plate cut for the Mr Muscle contests.

A good soldier must have a functional physique : resistant, enduring and rustic. The soldier must then seek to develop other skills such as his endurance in running, his resistance in swimming, his strength with climbing and weight training, for example.

This military bodybuilding routine is therefore not to be preferred more than any other. You only have to use it to work on some of your particular physical skills. We advise you not to neglect your preparation before starting this program.



The training should be carried out for 4 to 6 weeks, three days a week. The ideal being to be able to practice our training every other day.

Here is the military training routine :

  • Overhand pull-ups (4x10)
  • Squats (10x5)
  • Diamond push-ups (4x10)
  • Dips (10x5)
  • Underhand pull-ups (10x5)
  • Bench press (4x10)
  • Squats (again) (2x5)
  • Military presses with bar (5x5)
  • Bicep curls (4x10)

You can add variations on day one and do diamond or pin push-ups (3 sets of 10 reps), knee-to-elbow sit-ups (3 sets of 15 reps), or crossfit sit-ups (one set of 100 reps).


Military Training: Day 2

Second day of training :

  • Pull-ups (4x10)
  • Bench presses (5x5)
  • Squats (4x10)
  • Burpees (5x12)
  • Underhand pull-ups (4x10)
  • Dips (4x10)
  • Burpees (again) (2x5)
  • Squats (again) (2x5)

As with the previous workout plan, you can add or replace exercises with jumping strides (3 sets of 20 reps) or floor-wiper (3 sets of 10 reps).

Military Training: Day 3

Third day of training :

  • Circuit (maximum laps in 15 minutes running) or race (5 minutes running at high intensity).
  • Bulgarian Squats (3x20)
  • Dowels with bar (3x20)
  • Jump Squats (3x10)
  • Quadriceps Extensions (3x10)
  • Curls (3x10)

To finish this difficult military training, we suggest you finish with a 5-minute high-intensity run (like when you start the activity). With this training plan, you will improve your strength as well as your physical and mental resistance.


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We are counting on you to reach this level in a few years...


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