The 21 best military equipment for civilians

Les 21 meilleurs équipements militaire pour civils - PhilTeam

When you are looking for robust and resistant equipment, few materials can compete with military-type equipment. Here are a few products that can be used that offer the same build quality, standardization and functionality as the military.

Luckily, there are a handful of companies that create gear for both the military and civilian sectors, which means you'll find much the same quality craftsmanship, construction and innovation you would have enjoyed if you had was a member of the armed forces.

Below are a few products that can be used that offer the same build quality, standardization and functionality, sometimes even more, that you would expect from tactical gear used by operators.

The Rangers

Whether you're planning on tackling the urban environment or heading out into the wild for a few days, the type of footwear you wear is important. Here is an example of our favorite rangers.


Rothco FORCED ENTRY 8" Deployment Boots With Side Zipper ...

Military boots are the foundation of all gear, and even when running solo at the range or in the backcountry, they have a big part to play in comfort and endurance.

The Rothco AR 670-1 in Coyote Brown carries over, albeit subtly, the simplistic design you'll find on other models, thanks to the height of its Nubuck leather and nylon upper, and a synthetic "Cambrelle" lining to improve circulation. air when you travel several kilometres.

Jackets and fleeces

If you're looking to keep warm, or find a top midlayer to use in inclement weather, there are few things as good as military-spec outerwear. Here is our favorite jacket to keep you warm during your activity in the field.

5.11 Tactical Fleece

If you're looking for a fleece that will keep you as warm as possible, while sporting a classier silhouette, the 5.11 Tactical Fleece might be the perfect garment for you.

This stylish top/midlayer was designed with high performance in mind. It features all-weather materials for unparalleled warmth, a seat belt system, hidden chest pockets and multi-purpose zippered pockets to enhance breathability.

There are even handwarmer pockets you can hide in if needed, plus Prym snaps, YKK zippers and reinforced stress points to help you adapt to any situation in style.

Tactical pants

It may not be the case today, but a tough, durable pair of pants can make all the difference when you're on a mission. The same is true in the civilian realm, where a rugged package can make a day at the range a more immersive experience. Check out our favorites below.


The G3 Combat Pants from Crye Precision are the most tactical garment on our list, and for good reason. Each military spec pair uses a 50/50 NYCO (nylon/cotton) blend to keep your body breathable while providing adequate resistance to scrapes, abrasions and cuts from quick movement.

To achieve this in the best possible way, they've also infused four-way stretch fabrics in high-hold areas, allowing mobility and range of motion to become an afterthought. These features are complemented by the pants' low profile, adjustable waist, stretch panels and integrated knee pads, making them an attractive proposition for operators who prefer to focus on the mission rather than garment management.

Tactical Tees

If you have to put on tactical gear, you'll need a proper foundation to stay comfortable, while building a solid foundation for the rest of your wardrobe.


Many don't realize the importance of a sturdy undershirt, acting as a comfortable barrier between your skin and whatever utility gear you decide to adorn. Fortunately, CGI from Under Armor is here to provide you with a unique garment, full of effective attributes, including ColdGear technology, which traps body heat to promote proper body temperatures, a thermally conductive inner layer and a thermal protection system. moisture wicking that transfers sweat away from the body.

A durable polyester and spandex construction combines with the shirt's reliable flatlock seam construction and quadruple stretch system to create a great-looking base layer that's also well thought out, making it perfect for a day at the track or a day at the range.


CAMELBAK: New BFM Antidote 100

Camelbak's revered backpacks are an essential part of any outdoor or utility outfit, and the brand's new BFM 100 Antidote Pack is a more refined version for the modern operator.

This tank is military spec and provides users with a hydro lock valve adapter for quick refills and shutoffs, a lightweight, space-saving design, and a secure seal that won't be too tight like many of the Antidote's competitors. .

And for serious operators, the pack even features a clamshell opening for easy access to gear, various radio attachment points, and even a goggle pocket, making corduroy peripherals a tough solution. .

Tactical Glasses


The Burner Half-Frame Ballistic eyewear from 5.11 was designed for those who want to steer their outfit in a more functional direction. Whether you're an avid sniper, civilian contractor, or someone who appreciates the look of military eyewear, you'll find these aggressive eyewear to be the perfect middle ground for use alongside everyday tasks, thanks to a series interchangeable lenses that allow you to adapt to any situation.

If you are looking for sun protection, you can count on the Burner's sunglasses, which provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. If you're transitioning into the range, you'll want to emphasize the clear variants, which provide maximum ballistic protection. But the lenses aren't the only things that make these peripherals interesting.

A durable T-coating helps resist scratches and cracks from repeated use in the field, while a Grilamid TR-90 nylon frame has been contracted to withstand virtually any type of damage you can inflict on it. the protective accessory 5.11.


Now that you have an entire arsenal built and ready to go, you'll need a few attachments to give you an edge on the court. You will find below an article considered essential to constitute you an operational equipment.


Few things are more important to an operator than their toolbox, which should always include things like this Leatherman. The MUT Multi-Tool is a heavy-duty product that includes a set of regular needles and pliers, 153cm wire cutters, electric crimpers, sharp knife, saw, cutting hook and hammer, all at your fingertips when you're in the middle of an operation.

There's even a bolt release tool to help clear gun jams, and a replaceable bronze and carbon scraper to help keep your gun in peak operating condition. It goes without saying that the Leatherman MUT is the perfect tool whatever your profession.


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